#4 Togl crashes in Windows 2000


Within start-up of the togl-widget an assertion is generated on line 1815 of togl.c:

"Expression res == TRUE"



  • Nobody/Anonymous

    We have the same problem !

    I debugged the thing and found out that SwapBuffers returns false (0). When I retrieve the error from windows it says "Bad window handel".

    Unfortunately I didn't find a solution -Yet.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    OK - I've been struggling with Togl and Windows 2000 for a couple of days and I finally have something to show for it...

    I have TclPro1.4 and I downloaded the latest Togl code from Jonas Beskow (there's a link in the mailing list archive: ftp://ftp.speech.kth.se/pub/beskow/tcl/Togl.tar.gz).

    For some reason I could not get nmake to work, so I made a VS project and finally got things going.

    The project settings are hacked together and you can only work with one demo at a time, but here's what I did:
    Create an empty Win32 Dll project.
    Add togl.c and [demo].c to it.
    Edit the project settings:
    C/C++: add flags for USE_TCL_STUBS and USE_TK_STUBS
    Link: ignore default libs, and add libc.lib glu32.lib opengl32.lib tclstub83.lib tkstub83.lib to the library list and also set the output file name to be suitable ie. [demo].dll

    Under Tools->Options I added the include and library directories for tcl/tk.

    Either copy tkPlatDecls.h to the tk include directory, or edit togl.c to #include "tkPlatDecls.h"

    Compile, copy the [demo].tcl file to the output directory, click on the tcl file...

    Thanks to everyone who is developing this I'm looking forward to using it!


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I'm getting the same problem, with the SwapBuffers
    routine. Any word on when there may be a fix for this


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I've been getting this same error message from a hacked up
    version of Togl. It only happens on my Dell Lattitude
    laptops running Windows XP. It works perfectly everywhere
    else. Heres that I isolated that seems to be related to
    the problem. If you do an "info hostname" call before you
    create any Togl windows AND there is no network connected
    AND you let the idle handler run (creating a window on a
    button press works well), then you get this assertion
    error. The debugger tells me that the Nvidia OpenGL .DLL
    is failing on the ChoosePixelFormat() call. It tried to
    load it a lot of times, then gives up. Later, you get the
    assertion error on the SwapBuffers call.

    It seems to be specific to this laptop (Dell Lattitude
    C810). And, it only happens if the network is
    disconnected. If you connect the network everything works
    just fine.

    I don't get this error so far in the new 1.6 release, but
    converting my code over to that will be horrendous. Does
    anyone know what in the old code might have been causing
    the problem?

  • Greg Couch

    Greg Couch - 2007-10-24
    • status: open --> closed
  • Greg Couch

    Greg Couch - 2007-10-24

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    From my experience, this error is typically an OpenGL driver problem and is fixed by a driver update. Unfortunately/fortunately, this is a very old bug and it is not possible to test that solution.


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