Some suggestions

  • Curieux

    Curieux - 2011-10-13


    I just discovered Todomoo, and find it very useful and quite well done.

    Here are some suggestions:

    1. Change directory of database to "%APPDATA%\Todomoo".
    Because currently it is impossible to automatize a backup of the database; since under Windows Vista and later, modified files in "Program files" sub-directories are virtualized. These files are only accessible in the application which creates them, virtualized by Windows, and not accessible by archiving programs (even launched in administrator mode).

    2. In a task creation dialog, the color of the task should by default inherit its parent's (a category or a task) color.
    That way, in the All categories list, the categories will be clearly identified by their color, even by default.

    3. Correction in the french translation:
    string.colour_as = Comme

    4. Add an option to always expand the trees in the lists, to avoid to to do it manually each time.

    I tested Todomoo 0.8 under Windows 7 64-bit, in a normal user account (not an administrator account).

    Thank you very much for your work.

  • Curieux

    Curieux - 2011-10-13

    Oh, another suggestion:

    Create a graphical summary of work done in the week, as you can see here:
    picture  project

    That's more work to do than the other suggestions, so it's only an idea.  :)

  • mediaklan

    mediaklan - 2012-11-28

    Hi !
    +1 for curieuxfr suggestions but, if he agrees with this, I would ask for something a little different for suggestion n°1 :
    - It could be great to choose directory database folder (either %APPDATA%\Todomoo or whatever …)

  • Lorenzo Stanco

    Lorenzo Stanco - 2012-12-29

    1) Yes, and as mediaklan suggests, I can place something in the Options dialog that let you choose where DB and settings has to be stored.

    2) Sure.

    3) Thank you.

    4) Great.

    Currently I have very little time to continue Todomoo development, but these 4 are useful but still easy to implement features. So, I will add them to my todo list.

    The other suggestion, unfortunately, is something I have not the time to do now, and probably I will not in the future.


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