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Todolist.php v0.9.14.1 released

Todolist.php is a PHP-Application to organize tasks.

Version 0.9.14 is released. This version contains some bugfixes and speedups. Get it from

Posted by Joerg Menke 2002-08-05

0.9.11 is out!

Check it out and give feedback!


Posted by Joerg Menke 2001-09-29

expect new version soon

I just wanted to let you know that I'm back on doing a lot of nice things again. You can expect a new version very soon... :-)

Posted by Joerg Menke 2001-08-08

Harddisk crashed... :-(

Yesterday my HDD crashed and "forgot" its partition-table somehow!?!? The funny thing is, that this happend during a backup. But the only thing that was backed up so far were some stupid mp3s... :-(
I lost all the mail and stuff of the last 2 month. So if anyone was expecting an answear to a mail... please send the mail again. :(


Posted by Joerg Menke 2000-10-23

Version is out

Hi! Bugfix-Release is out now. Mail-generation should work now. And Polish-translation has been added. Just one wish from my side: If you encounter any problems with the ToDoList please tell me!

Posted by Joerg Menke 2000-10-21

New Version!

Version 0.9.4 is out! It mostly contains bugfixes and source-cleanup. The search-page is still buggy but I'll fix it soon.
The language-handling is more modular now, so its easier to include additional translations.

Posted by Joerg Menke 2000-08-31