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There was a large memory management problem found in the map class and so I am going to take the time to rework a lot of that code. The map maker is coming along nicely however and shows signs of actually being a good software tool.

Important Information : in regards to the actual source code.

A lot of core code is nearing completion or is actually completed. You can draw to the screen, get input, play sounds and use the map class to draw and create maps. However a lot of this code is not perfectly stable or as clean as I want it to be. I talked to Michiel last night and a lot afterwards about the progress on the project and have come to a conclusion. The source code that I have [locally] will be uploaded to sourceforge by Saturday 19, 2005 at 12:00AM Eastern US Time. This is roughly 5:00AM GMT so set your alarms. ;) The code will include the iEngine core as well as the iMapMaker project and the start of the actual game itself. If you wish to see a lot of the code visit .... read more

Posted by John Sedlak 2005-02-14


I am Back after my computer went bonkers. Two thumbs up for external hard drives with backups.

Been coding quite hard recently and looking forward to coding more tomorrow when classes finish up for the day. The new map class is coming back to live decently but I have yet to tackle saving and loading functionality. I have the drawing of the map down to a very simple process that runs very smoothly and is bug free.... read more

Posted by John Sedlak 2005-02-04


This is just a slight update to let the sourceForge world know that we are underway on the project and the design document will be up shortly and this site will be updated soon.

Posted by John Sedlak 2005-01-31

kriscs posting. please support

I got the new map class working decently well...It is just having a tiny bit trouble loading maps right now from files. It can save and draw and create just fine. The map maker is well under way and I am pleased so far albit a little frustrated because of the loading problem which will not rear its ugly face

Posted by Mike 2005-01-24


We started the game project, the developers work together on design and basic engine issues in the first stages on

Posted by Mike 2004-12-29

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