Kernel and Colibri320 loader

I post patch for kernel.
- Yes, we have realy CompactFlash support on Colibri PXA320 v1.X
- Writen some code for Power I2C and voltage regulator chip.
- SPI interface (Xilinx CPLD for firmware update need special driver - work planed and Sagrad Wi-Fi module on SPI as sample)

I also post bottloader code for Toradex Colibri PXA320. It's based on openpxa branch off U-Boot and OBM-II Nand bootloader from openpxa project. Planed work:
- add support for VGA modulator on PXA320
- make realy working code for voltage regulators
- make source level combined bootloader for Colibri PXA270 and Colibri PXA320 modules

Hm... In PXA320 bootloader make script produce bootmodule.bin (combined initial program loader ODM-II and U-Boot bootloader). U-Boot update self successfully. Unfortunately, Colibri Loader not working:
CreateTBin.exe -a0 -j bootmodule.bin
Write bootmodule.bin.TBin with Colibri Loader to NAND. Result: code NOT working.
Try to move U-Boot code to another address in NAND (like 0x80000) by patching OBM-II in first boot and write OBM-II and U-Boot parts separate. After this you may update bootmodule:
- enter to U-Boot command prompt by typing "debug" in terminal window (after message Err: serial)
- type command "run upd_rom_boot"
- send bootmodule.bin via serial port Y-Modem protocol
- check for errors
- reboot board

!!! You _MUST_ have ColibriLoader compatible JTAG (like LPT or Amontec JtagKey) !!!

I finding solution, but... It's need time :-(

Posted by MinimumLaw 2010-07-07

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