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Kernel and Colibri320 loader

I post patch for kernel.
- Yes, we have realy CompactFlash support on Colibri PXA320 v1.X
- Writen some code for Power I2C and voltage regulator chip.
- SPI interface (Xilinx CPLD for firmware update need special driver - work planed and Sagrad Wi-Fi module on SPI as sample)

I also post bottloader code for Toradex Colibri PXA320. It's based on openpxa branch off U-Boot and OBM-II Nand bootloader from openpxa project. Planed work:
- add support for VGA modulator on PXA320
- make realy working code for voltage regulators
- make source level combined bootloader for Colibri PXA270 and Colibri PXA320 modules... read more

Posted by MinimumLaw 2010-07-07

Kernel 2.6.34 with some fixes

- Now we try to support both Colibri (270 and 320), but 320 support still very-very-very alpha. I have troubles with bootloader, with NAND, with PCMCIA and other subsystems.
- Thank to Per Larsson from BitSim AB - seriao bug rejected (DM9000 ethernet controller disbled on CF card removed)
- From now, not patch vanilla colibri270(300)_defconfig. Included colibri_defconfig with both arch support
- some cosmetc changes? such as my script to make kernel... read more

Posted by MinimumLaw 2010-06-24 again hardware fixes

OK! Now we have battery backuped RTC with module rtc-ds1307. It's also can be bulded as part of linux kernel.
VGA modulator now turned on by default (and may be switched to LCD interface by edit colibri.h header file). For working with monitor you need to load module pxafb and fbcon. Also, them may be build as part of kernel. Unfortunely, only 640x480 video mode supported. I need for timing value for 800x600 and may be 1024x768.
ZyDAS ZD1211rw and atheros USB wireless card tested for work with ARM architecture.
Now, I want make hardware GPIO or GPIO-MATRIX keyboard support. I think, its be complite in next release.

Posted by MinimumLaw 2010-02-16 default config changed

Latest kernel patch present for download. In this patch I change default config. Now, it's building for RAM configuration (not XIP flash) with wired network, PCMCIA, i2c, ALSA and some other device embedded. PXAFB and console on PXAFB now in modules.

Posted by MinimumLaw 2010-01-12 Kenel

OK! Patch posted for you...
If you have PXA3xx board, please check for correct build. At this step I make some change with vanilla kernel. Unfortunelly, Linux-ARM developers think PXA27x platform is dead and planning support only PXA3xx platform (see vanilla colibri.h). But... I'll be back =)

Posted by MinimumLaw 2010-01-12

Patch for 2.6.3X kernel

Kernel is ready! Them will be posted in next few days!
PXA3xx developers make some trouble for me and other PXA27x developers. All perepherial controller supported by 2.6.29 kernel will be supported in 2.6.31. Also, I test AC97 ALSA sound. Now it's working. Touchscreen driver now correctly detect IRQ. Kernel tested as monolitic and module driven.
At next step, I need Wireless and X.Org.

Posted by MinimumLaw 2009-12-26

Linux kernel 2.6.30

2.6.30 now support PXA3XX chips, but my patch for PXA27X need to rewrite.
Work in process, but not complited. I think its be ready for 2.6.30.X, where X is 1 or 2 =)

Posted by MinimumLaw 2009-07-03

Again about Colibri PXA320 support

I Love Marvell!
Them open documentation on PXA3XX SoC. Now, it's make support for Colibri PXA320 via U-Boot and linux only time question! =)
Documentation avalible on

Posted by MinimumLaw 2009-05-16

Kernel and other

Ok, now we support and them.
Also, code contents USB Host/device switch for two (easy adapted to three) realy working ports.

Posted by MinimumLaw 2009-05-13

About support Colibri PXA320

No. My patch don't support Colibri PXA320 module now.
Yes. I planing support this module in feature.
Unfortunely, Marvell close documentation on PXA320 by NDA. As result patch for Colibri PXA320 was _AFTER_ I have read Marvel PXA320 developer docuntation.
Yes. I have Colibri PXA320 module hardware, and plain porting Linux to them.

Posted by MinimumLaw 2009-04-16

GPIO correction for UARTS pin

Change GPIO definition for UART pins (thank to Alexandre Becholey).
Now we use GPIO configuration from standart PXA27x headers.

Posted by MinimumLaw 2009-04-09

Add patch for kernel

Added patch for kernel

[*] - platform device MAC for DM9000
[*] - SD/MMC detect now work fine
[*] - VGA mode supported for modulator with LCD monitor (640x480) and multifrequency CRT monitor (800x600)

Also add some documentation (primary in Russian).

Posted by MinimumLaw 2009-04-03

New U-Boot (2009.03) and kernel

[-] - Need rewrite DM9000 for correct working with linux kernel (NOT detected by kernel, if not used in U-Boot)
[?] - Not tested working with SD/MMC, USB and PCMCIA

[-] - Need rewrite working with VGA modulator (for 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution timings)
[-] - Need VGA modulator enable/disable from config (not from header file as now)
[-] - Need rewrite SD/MMC cards detection (not both fronts are working)
[?] - Need test for touchscreen and AC97 module

Posted by MinimumLaw 2009-03-31

Search for translator

My primary language is Russian. I found english speeking translator for project description/documentation. Unfortunely, my English is very bad.

Posted by MinimumLaw 2009-03-30

Some about analogs...

For starting, let's see to other project:

Toredex WIKI show next companies/projects:

* Sigma Chemnitz, Germany

* Noser Engineering, Switzerland

* Emcraft Systems, Russia

and more one founded in google =)
* Colibri Dev's courner read more

Posted by MinimumLaw 2009-03-30