General question about compiling the kernel

  • Johannes WALTER

    Johannes WALTER - 2010-12-11


    i downloaded kernel version from and patched it with the according patch file from here.
    but there is one thing i do not understand. after the patch is applied there is a second directory created. its name linux- but there are only a few files in it.

    what is it for? do i have to copy the contents of linux- to linux-

    best regards

  • Johannes WALTER

    Johannes WALTER - 2010-12-11

    i've got one more question.

    what exactly are the improvements i can get with this patch? i saw that for example the kernel has already support for the pxa270 colibri.

    just to be sure i need this patch.

    best regards

  • MinimumLaw

    MinimumLaw - 2010-12-12

    First of all:
    I don't make patch for Platform Support for PXA270. Colibri PXA270/320 supported in vanilla kernel. I make Extended support for this platform, like support Compact Flash, I2C based  RTC and some other perepherial devices. If you not use this devices - you may not use this patch.

    Next. For apply patch run next command
    patch -p1 < linux--colibri.diff

    Into unpacked vanilla kernel dir. See man pages for GNU diff/patch for detail.


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