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Getting Linux onto module

  • David Annett

    David Annett - 2010-02-04

    I have a virgin Colibri PXA270 module with EBoot and presumably WinCE installed in custom hardware.  I can use gtkterm to communicate ok with EBoot via a serial port.  I have used buildroot to create a little endian tool chain and a 3.8MB root file system file 'rootfs.arm.ext2'.  Using the same tool chain I have built the Linux kernel here and now also have a 1.3MB zImage file.  So now I need to get them on to the module to test but I can't find any clear documentation on this.

    I'm guessing I need to prep both files using the CreateTBin tool then upload them using something like X-Modem protocol? Some documentation suggests "CreateTBin zImage.rom -a 0x80100000 -l".  I assume "-a 0x80100000" is specifing the the target address and I have no idea what the "-l" does.  Should I use the the "-l" option when processing rootfs.arm.ext2?  Also I can find no documentation on the memory map so don't know what "-a" options to use or even how linux knows where to find the root file system and mount it?  I assume the flash memory is at 0x00000000 and ram at 0x80000000 so the example supplied is loading the Kernel in ram?  Where is EBoot?  I guess it is at 0x00000000 so I could use  "CreateTBin zImage.rom -a 0x00100000 -l" and  "CreateTBin rootfs.arm.ext2 -a 0x00280000 -l" (leaving 256k free for future kernel growth) but then how is the root file system going to be found and used?

    It has taken me a couple of weeks to reach this point but I'm frustrated in my attempts to find answers so any links or suggestion would be welcomed.


  • MinimumLaw

    MinimumLaw - 2010-02-17


    Let's see on boot process:
    1. Bootloder (E-Boot or U-Boot)
    2. Kernel
    3. Mount root fs and start init process

    Ufortunely, E-Boot is not "best choice" for linux. But change E-Boot to U-Boot not so simple. Some time ago, Toradex have special utility to flash bootlodaer via LPT port and JTAG port on Colibri module. Primary target for this tool - recover E-Boot bootloader, but U-Boot may be flashed also. Now, this tools removed from Toradex site. I have early site mirror and can send it for you (or place on file-exchang site like rapidshare).

    Next. NOT FLASH ANYBODY BEFORE TEST THIS. Are you trust this code? I don't think so. For test you need Linux based HOST computer. On them you need to configure some services:
    1. DHCP (may be not present) for automatic assing IP/DNS/Gateway on Toradex module
    2. TFTP server. On them must be placed linux kernel
    3. NFS server with exported ARM-Linux root filesystem

    Internet have many documetation about configure host computer for embedded developers. Toradex site (WIKI) have answer about make kernel command line (also, you may set default command line in kernel config with make menuconfig or make config command).
    Only after this steps you (may be) want to flash result in the module.


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