• Alon Bar-Lev

    Alon Bar-Lev - 2009-04-16


    Thank you for your efforts for the PXA-270, I had basic board working after combining some patches [1], I guess yours is better... :)

    The problem is that I actually need PXA-320 u-boot and Linux, and the Colibri PXA-320 has NAND only, and I could not figure out how to write the startup code.

    The so called "Toradex partners" violate GPL by not provide access to their derived work... And go figure why Toradex does not support free tools on its own.

    Do you have any even partially working u-boot environment for PXA-320? Any lead will be accepted gladly!


    BTW: Mailing lists are much better than forums...

    [1] http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.boot-loaders.u-boot/57573

    • MinimumLaw

      MinimumLaw - 2009-04-16

      Sorry, now I have not patially working patches for Colibri PXA-320 U-Boot. I planing make them something later.

      Biggest trouble - MACHINE_ID. For Colibri PXA270 and Colibri PXA320 them different. Microsoft Windows CE use MACHINE_ID from PXA270 with PXA320, but this need to detect CPU in bootloader and in kernel.

      I need found right way =) This _MUST_ help porting kernel whitout troubles.

      Next, if you want porting U-Boot to PXA 320, you need rewrite startup code from entry point (reset vector) as writen for PXA270. Ufortunely, for this needed Marvel PXA 320 documentation, closed for NDA :-(

      I don't have this documentation now. Your may found any PXA320 based board already ported to U-Boot, and get startup code from them (as quick start). If your dont need support for LCD or USB (PCCARD) on U-Boot level - you can write BSP code very quickly. Realy bad thinks is GPIO configuration as then created in u-Boot code for trizeps board (base for my patch). I planing rewrite them in feature.

      Alex A. Mihaylov AKA MinimumLaw

      Mailing list - I think about this...

      • Alon Bar-Lev

        Alon Bar-Lev - 2009-04-16

        Thank you for the quick reply!

        I am thinking that before invest resources in kernel, u-boot must be up and running.

        Apart of the GPIO settings, there is an issue with the NAND Flash, as PXA-320 has only one NAND flash for boot loader and other stuff.

        So as far as I understand copying startup code from other board will not work, as a NAND flash bootstrap should be added.

        I don't think that PXA-320 documentation is sufficient as we also require the Toradex exact schematics, right? How else you get GPIO settings?

        I will see if I can help out with the PXA-320 documentation. Do you have any access to Toradex documentation?


    • MinimumLaw

      MinimumLaw - 2009-04-17

      Yes! U-Boot - first code running on board. For stating with PXA320 we need porting U-Boot first. But U-Boot coomand "bootm" initialise some PXA registers for Linux Kernel writing into them MACHINE_ID and some other constants. You may make simple test - load kernel on PXA270 to any memory region and do U-Boot command "go". Kernel don't start becource not detect machine (black screen without debug, and error message if kernel build with massive debugging). Now, I don't know WHAT MACHINE_ID will be user with PXA320. In mach/arm/tools/mach-types file we have difrent MACH_COLIBRI and MACH_COLIBRI320 entry. Windows use MACH_COLIBRI for PXA270 and PXA320 module (may break kernel on PXA320 load via EBoot).

      Next. For working with U-Boot we primary need then console, right? We need startup code, serial init, memory controller init for Flash and RAM (idealy, on-chip RAM for U-Boot stack and "addition" RAM for buffer). GPIO and registers for serial console may be writen without PXA320 documentation (kernel source have this code - may be coped/rewriten). But memory controller is big trouble. Next, we need to write module for ethernet and flash (suppot for writing). I think this documentation will be aviable from manufacturer. Next (if this realy needed) - usb, mmc and other perepherial module. I think, this code may be coped from PXA270.

      Toradex don't send me schematic for module :-( But them support work fine :-) I take answers on all my questions. Toradex module description contents memory map, chip select assign, type of user flash, AC97, Ethernet controller. Schematic for evaluation board aviable on toradex website. I also use some great tools like GPIO monitor for Windows CE, like Toradex Loader for flashing U-Boot. See http://files.toradex.com for them. I don't have troubles with GPIO functions on PXA chips. Realy, i don't have only PXA320 documentation for start working. All oter aviable from toradex or from chip manufacturers.

      Alex A. Mihaylov AKA MinimumLaw

      • Alon Bar-Lev

        Alon Bar-Lev - 2009-04-17

        Thank you, I see if I can get access to PXA-320 documentation.


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