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NEW: Gmsh pre and post processing option available for Tochnog

Dear Tochnogers,

We are pleased to announce that collaboration between Roman Putanowicz and Fernando Lorenzo have resulted in now being able to offer the use of Gmsh, and Open Source, Free Pre and Post Processing option for Tochnog. If you search for gmsh or go to you will find the link.

At this moment, to get the version that works with Tochnog, you must download the Development version, with the same code being included in future stable versions.... read more

Posted by Fernando Lorenzo 2016-08-21

New pre/post processor gmsh

Now gmsh is GPL'ed! Available with source and has user solver (tochnog?) plugins. Check out

Posted by osman buyukisik 2003-03-15

From now on file releases to be from became a mirror of
people from Americas could use this URL to download.

Posted by osman buyukisik 2000-05-18

May 1st Sources are here

New one noded spring, new plasticity model

Posted by osman buyukisik 2000-05-07

March 27 Sources Available

get tn-0.8.tar.gz file

Posted by osman buyukisik 2000-03-31

March 05 Sources fix a bug

Thermal contact bug is fixed by this release.

Posted by osman buyukisik 2000-03-05

Feb 13 Sources are here!

copy of tn.tar.gz from on feb 13

Posted by osman buyukisik 2000-02-14

Feb 11 sources are here

This one extends the capability of force_element_edge_normal_factor to 3D.

Posted by osman buyukisik 2000-02-12