Tochnog Plans for 2011

  • Dear Tochnogers,

    Well, 2011 is already upon us. 2010 saw some new open discussions and we managed to clear most of the spam that we were getting.

    We got the 64-bit LAPACK band solver working well which is a significant speed improvement. However, I got all excited after seeing the new SuperLU 4.1 version being made available and tried to implement the 64-bit version under Mac OSX. Although I was able to build the library and pass the SuperLU tests, it still gives a segmentation fault error when running some of the Tochnog examples that ran well while in 32-bit. That continues to be disappointing!

    I will be showing examples on how to run buckling stability problems using Tochnog next week.

    Let's keep this great program alive. Help us make it better.

    Best regards,

    F. Lorenzo

  • Joesen

    Wish this great program keep developing!

    Best regards,