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A. Madison
  • A. Madison

    A. Madison - 2011-03-07

    If anyone has any information about where I can find the Tochnog source code so that it can be downloaded and compiled, I would greatly appreciate it.  I am currently using Tochnog for stress analysis on bone plates and I keep getting a segmentation fault error.  Any suggestions or trouble-shooting advice is also welcomed!


  • Fernando Lorenzo

    The source is available from the download site. Please download the latest version.

    I am interested as to what version you are using. When Superlu changed to version 4, and systems went to 64 bit, Any attempt to compile Tochnog with Superlu gives a Segmentation fault.

    I listed a new version that uses the LAPACK library that works well with 64-bit systems. You need to use o

    options_solver  -matrix_lapack

    to use this solver.

    Good luck and let me know how you do

    F. Lorenzo


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