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Version 1.12.1 for J2ME devices released.

Version 1.12.1 is an update for J2ME devices only.
This version fixes a bug which occurred while loading stored data.
For the SWT versions please download 1.12.0.

Posted by rcg 2010-11-28

Version 1.12.0 released.

This version primarily features platform specific user interface improvements.
For details please see the change log.

Posted by rcg 2010-11-07

Version 1.11.4 released.

This version fixes three bugs as reported via the bug tracker:
- Fix crash in Windows version.
- Fix items being moved as sub items of themselves issue on Windows.
- Fix one way Windows sync problem.

Posted by rcg 2010-06-11

Version 1.11.3 released.

In this version the stability and user interface have been further improved.

Posted by rcg 2010-06-06

Version 1.11.2 released.

As another bug-fix release this version improves the sync reliability and fixes drag and drop support for the SWT versions.

Posted by rcg 2010-06-02

Version 1.11.1 released.

This version is a bug-fix release which primarily disables auto line break support for the Windows versions and removes it from the default settings for the other versions.

Posted by rcg 2010-06-01

Version 1.11.0 released

New features include:
- option for automatic line breaks in SWT version,
- functionality for adding dates,
- and the option to sort the displayed items in the desktop widget.
For a complete list see the change log.

Posted by rcg 2010-05-30

Version 1.10.0 released

This version adds e.g. drag and drop support for SWT versions, a to-do-o.exe launcher for the Windows version, and the possibility to configure what kind of items to display in the desktop widget.
Additionally, a bug which caused a crash when opening the settings window the second time is fixed.
For a complete list of new features and all changes see the release notes.

Posted by rcg 2010-04-25

Version 1.9.0 released

New features in version 1.9.0 include e.g.
- a system tray icon,
- a widget for display on the desktop,
- and actions for setting multiple items as done/to-do.
For a complete list of new features see the change log.

Posted by rcg 2010-04-11

Version 1.8.0 released.

This versions features the new functionality to automatically delete items marked as 'done'.
Additionally problems during sync with entries that include a line break are fixed and the attempt to close the application now should always show a confirmation dialog.

Posted by rcg 2010-04-01

Version 1.7.1 released

This release features no new features. Instead it offers improvements like reduced file size and optimized performance during sync.

Posted by rcg 2010-03-26

Version 1.7.0 released

This release features the new functionality to sync two To-Do-O instances over (W)LAN.
Some of the key features are:
- The discovery of the To-Do-O instance to sync with in the local network happens automatically.
- The synchronization is encrypted.
- A "merge" view shows the different versions and the version to be used can be selected.

Please note: The sync feature only works via a local network(LAN/WLAN). The sync feature is not intended to be used over the internet (in fact it will not work).

Posted by rcg 2010-03-21

Version 1.6.0 released.

New features in version 1.6.0 are:
- The functionality for moving items marked as "Done" to the bottom of the shown lists.
- A setting to choose whether actions shall be confirmed via a dialog or not.

This is the first release where also SWT versions for Linux, MacOS and Windows are released. For downloading these versions simply see the "swt_versions" sub folder under the 1.6.0 release. ... read more

Posted by rcg 2010-03-07

Version 1.5.2 released

This version fixes some issues when a new tree is created.

Posted by rcg 2010-02-11

Version 1.5.1 released

This version fixes some issues with the new copy/cut and paste. Please excuse the inconvenience.

Posted by rcg 2010-02-07

Version 1.5.0 released

This version adds support for cut/copy and paste of entries and a pop-up menu. On eSWT devices the pop-up menu can be activated by pushing down on the desired item in the tree for a longer time (long tap).

Posted by rcg 2010-02-07

Version 1.4.4 released.

This release features again improvements in the user interface.

Posted by rcg 2010-01-30

Version 1.4.3 released

This release is a preparation to support more platforms with To-Do-O.
The most relevant changes happened in the way the dialogs for text input, item icon selection and settings are implemented.

Posted by rcg 2010-01-24

Version 1.4.0 released

Version 1.4.0 released. For details see and the downloads section.

Posted by rcg 2009-09-27

Website and Documentation online

The website is online at and the documentation is available at

Posted by rcg 2009-08-09

Version 1.3.0 released

For more details about new and changed features please see Changelog.txt in downloads.

Posted by rcg 2009-08-08

Version 1.2.0 Released

Well the last releases have just been uploaded without further comments because of limited time.

Now version 1.2.0 is released introducing e.g. a major change in how the data is stored and the possibility to reorder items.

Since version 1.2.0 the "working" copy which is loaded and saved is stored in the so called Record Store, which is simply said some storage your phone organizes for you.
The old functionality for loading and storing from/to files is still included but has been renamed to Import/Export.
The benefit from this change is that the permission requests for accessing files do not appear when accessing the Record Store.... read more

Posted by rcg 2009-08-05