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ask for help: Installation guide in English

zhou jy
  • zhou jy

    zhou jy - 2008-02-13


    Can you please provide me an "installation guide" in English? I have some difficulties on setup.



    • Roberto Canales

      Roberto Canales - 2008-02-13

      Hello Zhou:

      Today we´ll deliver a new full English traslated version of TNTConcept (with new features too).
      We´ll try to translate the instalation guide asap.

      If you have any problem, please report them here and we´ll asisst you.

      Best Regardes

    • zhou jy

      zhou jy - 2008-02-14

      Hi Roberto,

      Thanks for your fast response.
      When I search for an open source ERP, i find your product. I am very interested itself and the technologies behind it: JSF, hibernate, spring, acegi-security, etc..

      So i download 0.8 version and try.
      I have following issues or some doubts need to clarify with you:
      1)need to configure a environment variable: TNTConceptConfigDir in web.xml
      2)need to create
      3)i create this file by refer to

      FATAL DefaultSecurityConfiguration - Fichero de configuración de seguridad no encontrado:d:\securityConfiguration.xml

      I configure TNTConceptCOnfigDir as d:\

      4) it seems to have a securityConfiguration.xml

      Your help is highly appreciated!

      Best regards

      • Francisco Javier Martínez Páe


        It is necessary to configure two issues in server.xml tomcat file, not in web.xml

        That two issues are:
        - Folder where configuration files are.
        - Datasouce.

        In the file:

        You have to include at the end of the file, between the tags
        <Host ...>

        // HERE...


        the following lines:

        <Context path="/tntconcept" docBase="tntconcept">
                  <Manager pathname=""/>
                  <Environment name="TNTConceptConfigDir" type="java.lang.String" value="$CONFIG"/>
                  <Resource name="jdbc/TNTConcept" auth="Container" type="javax.sql.DataSource"
                            maxActive="100" maxIdle="30" maxWait="10000" driverClassName="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
                            username="$DBUSER" password="$DBPASSWD"

        - $CONFIG is the root folder of configuration files.
        - $DBUSER is the user of the database
        - $DBPASSWD is the password for that user in the database.
        - $DB is the name of database scheme.

        In following releases we will include an english version installation guide...

    • zhou jy

      zhou jy - 2008-02-15

      Hi Francisco,

      Can you please give me following information:
      Because from download, i can not get the following configuration files:
      3)"$CONFIG is the root folder of configuration files", please let me know how many configuration files needed and location and the root folder of configuration files, meaning?



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