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tnef 1.4.11 released

Fixes bug when loading a file which contains multiple-value attributes.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2014-07-13

tnef v1.4.10 released

Incorporating documentation patch from bentley (github)
Fixing small problems from new versions of automake/gcc

Posted by Mark Simpson 2013-11-24

TNEF v1.4.7 released

Reverted the UTF decoder code as it caused problems on some platforms.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2010-01-30

TNEF v1.4.6 released

Replaced my buggy UTF conversion code with public domain version and also included other various bug fixes/tweaks from Randy Diffenderfer

Posted by Mark Simpson 2009-08-26

TNEF now using Subversion repository

I have switched from CVS to Subversion.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2008-12-22

TNEF v1.4.5 released

* 1.4.5 [28 Sept 2008]
** Fixing bug when reading from stdin [Bug #2126695]

Posted by Mark Simpson 2008-09-28

TNEF v1.4.4 Released

* 1.4.4 [29 May 2008]
** Small updates after long absense
** Adding --ignore-checksum feature.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2008-05-30

TNEF v1.4.3 Released

* 1.4.3: [25 August 2006]
** Fixing 'unicode string filename' bug [Bug #1546546]. Regressive bug:
code to handle unicode strings added in v1.3.3 was lost in v1.4 during
code re-arranging/refactoring

Posted by Mark Simpson 2006-08-29

TNEF v1.4.2 Released

v1.4.2 contains two fixes:

1. better handling of files with garbage at the end; this happens sometimes when Outlook saves the tnef file with at least one extra character 0x0A at the end. It now will complete processing and report an error.

2. Fixing a build error on Solaris 10 where an empty libreplace.a was causing a problem.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2006-08-06

TNEF v1.4.1 Released

v1.4.1 has been released. This version contains a new command line switch contributed by Tony Aiuto. This new switch (--list-with-mime-types) acts like the --list switch but also prints out the MIME type of each attachment if that information can be found in the TNEF file.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2006-04-24

TNEF v1.4 released

TNEF v1.4 has just been released. It contains a fix for a crash related to multi-name properties. It also contains a full reoganization of the code base.

* 1.4:
** Code reorganization
** New MAPI property names
** Fixing parsing of multi-value MAPI properties [Bug# 1434145]

Posted by Mark Simpson 2006-03-18

TNEF v1.3.4 Released

TNEF v1.3.4 has been released on SourceForge. It implements a fix for
bug # 1318728 concerning the incorrect decompression of RTF data in the
TNEF file.

Thanks to Eduardo Subelman for pointing out the problem
and also providing a fix.

From the NEWS file:

* 1.3.4:
** Fixing RTF message body saving [Bug# 1318728]. Fix courtesy of
Eduardo Subelman.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2005-10-12

TNEF v1.3.3 Release

Version 1.3.3 has been released. This is adds a new feature to save message bodies and fixes a couple of bugs. See the NEWS file for details.

[excerpt from NEWS file]
* 1.3.3:
** Fixing memory leak bug [Bug# 1168062]. GUIDs not being freed corrrectly.
** Fixing bug [Bug# 1200197]. Adding fix to RedHat package building problem from John Simpson <>
** Now saving message body data [RFE# 1033855]. Now optionally saves message body data, generalizing the previous --save-rtf feature.
** Implementing Unicode handling [Patch# 666561]. Implementing code to translate Unicode strings to uft8 as best as can be. Snitched code from ytnef <URL:> Thanks!

Posted by Mark Simpson 2005-05-18

TNEF v1.3.2 Release

Small bug fix release:

** Fixing test buf [Bug# 1121539]. Tests failed due to 32 vs. 64 bit diff.

** Fixing compile bug [Bug# 1109683]. Basename declared incorrectly

** Fixing endian bug [Bug# 1117373]. GUIDs were not being parsed, only copied out of stream, thus endianess was wrong left up to chance

Posted by Mark Simpson 2005-03-08

TNEF v1.3.1 Release

** Fixing dumb compiling bugs [BUG: #1108485]. GCC lets me write incorrect code!

** Small modifications to as suggested by [BUG: #1102128]

** Corrected type problems to improve portability to 64 bit systems and Mac.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2005-03-08

TNEF v1.3

Addition of hte --save-rtf parameters allows for RTF formatted data in the TNEF file to be saved.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2005-01-17

TNEF v1.2.3.1

tnef-1.2.3 distribution was missing the test files for the new triples feature which lead to errors in the 'make check' stage of installation. This has been corrected in tnef- No other feature changes were made.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2004-01-09

TNEF v1.2.3

New -x/--maxsize command line switches to protect against nefarious TNEF attachments with incorrect size fields.
New handling of szTRIPLES and mapiUNDEFINED types.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2004-01-09

TNEF v1.2.1 release

Fixes test failure on NetBSD (698111) and big-endian systems (712371).

Posted by Mark Simpson 2003-04-29

TNEF v1.2.0 release

This release contains automated testing which can be accessed via make check.

It does not contain any new features to the basic TNEF product.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2003-03-02

TNEF v1.1.5 release

This release contains a test case for MAPI_OBJECT and minor code cleanups.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2003-03-01

TNEF v1.1.4 release

Corrects crash when input file contains MAPI object attribute.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2002-12-12

TNEF v1.1.3 release

Configuration / Distribution Bug fix release
Corrects lstat.o and getopt_long configuration problems on Mac OS X.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2002-10-27

TNEF v1.1.2 release

Bug fix release.

Posted by Mark Simpson 2002-09-06