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New release 0.7.4 available


This is the first release in 2014!
Thanks to our very helpful community members, some patches landed in this new release.



ADD: Support for inserting APL color codes in SEU - Thanks to Tomasz Krajewski
FIX: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when opening certain type of window - Thanks to Roi Mor (
FIX: Trailing spaces to RTL fields. Without it, spaces needs to be added manually to each RTL field - Thanks to Roi Mor ( read more

Posted by Martin W. Kirst 2014-07-22

New release v0.6.3 available

Hey there,

first I want to thank everyone, who downloaded the 0.6.2 release.
Especially thanks for the feedback.
Since Dec-2010 we've counted round about 4000 downloads - Great!

Now, I'm proud to release v0.6.3.

Enhancements/Change Log for Tn5250j:

ADD: center connect dialog on top of main frame/window
FIX: bug id:3292459 (Reload macros file on launch)
FIX: bug id:3205299 (email addresses prefixed with "mailto:" are not considered as hotspots)
FIX: bug id:3179868 (Text and fields are not displayed)
FIX: bug id:3161636 (System Name not in window title bar anymore)
FIX: bug id:3160345 (Default value of column separator looks strange)
FIX: bug id:3158911 (command line switch -s not working any more)
FIX: bug id:3158902 (settings folder in user's home directory is not created)
FIX: bug id:3155293 (hangs when called with explicit host name)... read more

Posted by Martin W. Kirst 2011-05-25

The time has come, 0.6.2 is out

A little later than predicted we're now proud to release the 0.6.2 version.
Lot's of contributed patches, feature requests and bugs where put into this.
Meanwhile, we're working on a completely reworked user interface.
Stay tuned about the next weeks, where we'll put out some beta release.

Regards & Merry Christmas

Posted by Martin W. Kirst 2010-12-09

Back On Track Version 0.6.2

As additional manpower becomes available, we hope to continue development of this most excellent terminal emulator for iSeries/400 systems.
There are some back issues we need to resolve, and further documentation should become available soon.

After that, we can dig into outstanding items in Tracker that need to be resolved, all in hopes of the 0.6.2 release late this year.

Stay tuned !

Posted by jim 2008-04-08

New release 0.6.0

The new release is available after a very long time.

Please read the release notes.

Hope you all enjoy.



Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2005-06-19

New release 5.7 pre 3

Well after a very long time we now have another release candidate. The final should be done next week.



Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2004-02-15

new release candidate 0.5.7

Have tested it and found one error where the warning message does not show up correctly. Will fix that.

Please read the release notes for modifications for this release candidate.



Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2003-05-19

Icelandic codepage 871

Karl Helgason, , has donated the Icelandic
codepage for you all.

This is available in the 0.5.6 release.

Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2003-05-01

0.5.6 is available

Hello all

Finally it is ready!!!!!

The new release has a lot of new features and definately a lot
of bug fixes.

There are two new installers:

Full installer - java -jar tn5250j-install.jar

Web installer - java -jar tn5205j_install_web.jar

The web installer needs an internet access to download the
install pack from the internet. The screen may look like it is
frozen but do not worry it is downloading the file from the
http server. After which it will install the packages that you
selected to install.... read more

Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2003-05-01

0.5.6pre5 is ready

A new 0.5.6 pre5 release is now available.

It now includes an installer for the emulator. We will be using the IzPack open source installer program.

You can find that here:

Great program and very easy to use. It even allows you to create an ant task to automatically generate and installer.

The installer is not complete yet and is still lacking some packages but they will be coming.... read more

Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2003-03-21

new 0.5.6 pre release 4

Please Please Please note the following:

*** NOTE *** *** NOTE *** *** NOTE *** *** NOTE ***

With this release you will have to remap your keyboard if
using JDK 1.4 or greater. This is for existing installs only.

*** NOTE *** *** NOTE *** *** NOTE *** *** NOTE ***

The keyboard will not work on existing installs of the
keymap if using jdk versions 1.4 and above.... read more

Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2003-03-16

New 0.5.6 pre release 3 is available

Highlights for 0.5.6 pre release 3

Added a translate binary option to the JDBC connection for
downloading of file. Request and fix by Luca

Center the screen

Fixed some bounding area problems

Fix cancel of export files to really cancel the export thread

Add the ability to copy while the terminal is busy

Added a global configuration for where setting files are saved
when first running the emulator. It is now user/home/.tn5250j
unless there is already an old configuration there. This is with
help from Luc.... read more

Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2003-03-10

New mailing list for developers

There is now a new mailing list for Developers.

This list will be used for discussing code, patches and future directions of the codebase.

Please sign up for this list if you want to develop for the emulator



Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2003-02-25

New mailing list for scripting

A new mailing list has been set up to discuss the scripting aspects of the emulator using jython.

You can mail here



Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2003-02-06

Greek code page 875

Code Page 875 added for Greek in 0.5.6 pre 1

- Big thanks goes to Kleandros Stogiannopoulos he has told me that
if there are problems please contact him here
and MAKE SURE YOU REFERENCE tn5250j or he might not read it.


Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2003-02-01

0.5.6 pre1

new 0.5.6 pre release 1

New session attributes refactoring
- Session attributes are updated for all sessions using the same profile
- New signoff attributes page is now implemented.
What this does is if the flag is checked then the first screen for
signon is saved. When you close the session window it will check
the screen against this save buffer and if it is not the same it
will notify you that the screens are not the same and prompt for
a continue or not.
- Start refactoring session attributes code for easier maintenance... read more

Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2003-02-01

New release 0.5.5 of tn5250j is available

tn5250J is an AS400 Telnet 5250 written in java. This will provide some of the more advance functions of the 5250 datastream such as edit masks, graphical windows, continued editing fields, etc. This release includes numerous feature enhancements, including improved file transfer capability, Jython scripting support, and the ability to export spool files to PDF or text file.

Changes - wow where to start. There have been a lot since
the last release. I will try to put a release out sooner from now
on as there are so many changes it is impossible to keep up.... read more

Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2003-01-24

New beta 3 with SSL

Includes the SSL support for 1.4.x

Read release notes and the website for more on SSL support

Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2002-10-20

SSL support for JDK 1.4

SSL support is in CVS at this time. I am trying to get another beta version package out.

Let me know the problems.


Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2002-10-15

CVS back again

CVS is back again

Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2002-10-10

CVS is broken

While trying to add ssl support we had a little mishap in cvs. We will get this cleared up as soon as possible.



Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2002-10-10

New Beta 2

Here is a snapshot of cvs.

I still have that painting problem so am not willing to
put out a stable release yet.

We are testing heavily to try to find the cause of the

Thanks for your patience.


Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2002-09-11

New Beta 1

We are almost there

No more functionality will be added. Now just making sure bugs do not exist and fixing really important show stoppers.



Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2002-08-26

New Websit Started

We now have a new look.

It still needs a lot of work but little by little we will get there.

Great thanks to Christian Geisert for providing the Forrest and Cocoon build process.


Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2002-08-24

NULL Error problems fixed in Release Candidate 5

If you are having problems with a NULL showing up
on your screen for no apparent reason please
download the Release Candidate 5. It should be
stable. We have people working with it everyday
in a production environment.

Any problems please fill out a bug report and I will
jump on it.



Posted by Kenneth J. Pouncey 2002-08-15