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Text-based MSN Client / News: Recent posts

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.3.0 Released

Posted by sanoi 2005-10-18

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.2.5 Released

Posted by sanoi 2005-09-11

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.2.4 Released

Posted by sanoi 2005-08-10

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.2.3 Released

Posted by sanoi 2005-07-12

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.2.2 Released

Posted by sanoi 2005-07-03

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.2.1 Released

Posted by sanoi 2005-06-05

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.2.0 Released

Posted by sanoi 2005-05-16

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.2.0b Released

Posted by sanoi 2005-02-18

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.1.5 Released

Posted by sanoi 2005-01-14

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.1.4 Released

Posted by sanoi 2004-12-12

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.1.3 Released

Posted by sanoi 2004-12-02

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.1.2 Released

+ = Feature added
% = Bugfix

Version 0.1.2
+ Send away-message automatically (added entry for it in ~/.tmsnc)
+ Some interface enhancements from Alien:
(1) It is now possible to use tmsnc on terminals with
black text on white background.
(2) The contact list is updated on every contact status change.
(3) Removed the empty line between messages in a chat window.
% Multilined messages are now displayed.
% A couple of segfaults removed

Posted by sanoi 2004-11-14

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.1.1 Released

Posted by sanoi 2004-11-05

Forum moved to http://tmsnc.sf.net/phpBB2

Posted by sanoi 2004-10-22

TMSNC (Textbased MSN Client) v0.1.0 Released

New in v0.1.0

+ = Feature added
- = Feature removed
% = Bugfix

Version 0.1.0
+ Status bar on login
+ New ASCII logo
+ Your current nickname is shown
+ New e-mail notifictations from Hotmail
+ If a remote error occurs, show what happened
% Fixed various memory allocation (malloc) errors
% Do not interpret backspace as '^?'

Posted by sanoi 2004-10-20

Version 0.1.0b Released

New in this version is
* International character support
* Change status
* Change nickname
* Formatted messages
* Configuration file (~/.tmsnc)
* In TMSNC Config: initial status and message format
BUGFIX: Don't send empty messages

There is a known bug that will occur when you try to login with a non-msn/hotmail account on some architectures. On my computers it works fine (Macintosh PPCs) but people on x86 have reported problems. I'll try to fix this until next release, but it is hard to do without a x86 machine so please donate one (just kidding :P).

Posted by sanoi 2004-10-07

First Release

We've now released an alpha version of TMSNC. You probably want to wait for the beta because it is unstable and many features are missing.

Note: The "/help" command in the alpha release is incomplete, you use "/window close" to close a window, "/window <number>" or TAB to switch between your windows and "/chat <address>" to initiate a chat session.

Posted by sanoi 2004-10-01

Soon alpha release

After developing tmsnc on some of my spare time over the last months I've soon done enough to be able to release an alpha version of the project. However, there is still much to do left and I don't know how long it will take before you'll see the first release. The client will first come with a temporary, irssi-like, interface (ncurses).

Posted by sanoi 2004-08-24