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Tomcat Manager Plugin 0.7.2 released


* Changed preference page title to: Tomcat Manager Plugin
* Added support for MessageFormat style formatted localized text messages
* Start/Stop/Restart is now performed as a background task.
* Passwords are stored encoded now. This is not secure! It just prevents someone from accidently seing your password.

Posted by Andreas Pataki 2004-03-28

Tomcat Manager Plugin 0.7.1 available


* Added server attribute name to model and view
* Added check to prevent the user to stop/reload the manager
* Added german resource properties (thanks to Ulf Caspers)
* Added history combos for fields host, port, manager and user
* Fixed the bug "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 3"
when accessing a Tomcat 4.0.x server. In this version the
doc path is not available (available since 4.1).
* Fixed the broken doc path on windows systems (due to the ':' in
the path.

Posted by Andreas Pataki 2003-11-23

Tomcat Manager Plugin 0.6 available

New version provides the following changes and bugfixes:

* New restart context action
* Fixed an issue with the tree selection after performing a
server operation
* Fixed a bug with the action status of discard and edit server
when nothing is selected
* Refactoring of some static methods in the main plugin class
* Added logging
* Added error handling, errors are now shown in a dialog
* Added busy indicator for all server operations
* JavaDoc enhancements

Posted by Andreas Pataki 2003-08-24

Tomcat Manager Plugin 0.5 available

The first public release of the Tomcat Manager Plugin for Eclipse is now available.

Posted by Andreas Pataki 2003-08-17