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TM4J 0.9.7 Released

The latest version of the TM4J engine, version 0.9.7 is now available for download. This release supports TMAPI 1.0 final release as well as including a number of bug fixes over the 0.9.7 release.

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2004-10-07

Panckoucke 0.3

The TM4J project is pleased to announce a new release of panckoucke.

This release contains the following additions:

- using tm4j 0.9.5
- supports tolog1.0 from tm4j 0.9.5
- added new SectionAbstractor
- added various helper classes that facilitates the
handling of abstract models.

The documentation for this release is available at

Posted by Christoph Fröhlich 2004-07-20

TM4J 0.9.6 Released

This release is primarily a bug-fix release, fixing bugs found and reported in TM4J 0.9.5. In addition, the tolog query engine has been enhanced to allow dynamic association queries to be specified with a variable for the association type.

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2004-07-19

TM4J 0.9.2 Released

TM4J is a topic map processing library written entirely in Java.

This release of TM4J adds support for the alpha version of the Topic Maps API (TMAPI) core and index interfaces. See for details about TMAPI.

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2004-04-13

TM4J 0.9.0 Released

The TM4J project team today released the latest milestone of the TM4J core package.

This package provides Java programmers with a library for creating and managing topic maps - the ISO standard for structured knowledge interchange. The package also supports persistence of topic map structures in both relational and object-oriented databases.

Full details on the changes in this release can be found in the release notes. The package and release notes can be accessed from

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2004-02-27

Panckoucke 0.2.1a2 - API changed

The TM4J project is pleased to announce a new release of panckoucke.


This release does contain one major change:

- The classes that constitute the public api of panckoucke
changed their location.
The two package branches "org.tm4j.panckoucke.api..."
and "org.tm4j.panckoucke.core..." are pulled up to branch

The difference between the "...api.." and the "...core..." branches
had historical reasons and stopped making sense at all.
Therefore we decided to combine the two branches into one. ... read more

Posted by Christoph Fröhlich 2004-01-26

Panckoucke - Initial release

The TM4J Project is pleased to announce the initial release of Panckoucke.

Panckoucke is a java library to support the development of topic map presentation and navigation tools.

Panckoucke is a subproject of tm4j and relies on it as its underlying topicmap engine. It integrates tmharvest, another subproject of tm4j, to support the automated creation of topic maps from structured data. TMNav uses panckoucke as its internal abstraction layer.... read more

Posted by Christoph Fröhlich 2004-01-06

TM4J 0.9.0 alpha 2 released

This is the second alpha release of TM4J 0.9.0. This release adds support for more efficient static merging in the in-memory backend and the TM4J Administrator's Tool for managing persistent backend stores.

For more information see the release notes.

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2004-01-02

TM4Web/Velocity Initial Release

TM4Web/Velocity is a package for publishing topic maps as HTML web pages either by a batch transformation or in a Jakarta Struts-based web application. The package uses the Jakarta Velocity templating language which provides the flexibility of access to the full TM4J API. The package is also distributed with sample Velocity templates, and a simple web application for browsing a collection of topic maps.

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2003-11-26

TM4J 0.9.0 alpha 1 Released

TM4J is a suite of tools for creating and processing ISO 13250 topic maps. This alpha release of version 0.9.0 provides an early opportunity for developers to get to grips with the changes made to the API since the last stable release.

The main changes in this release are documented in the release notes and are covered in detail in the TM4J Developer's Guide (contained in both the binary and source distributions).

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2003-11-24

TMHarvest - Initial release

TMHarvest is a library to generate topic maps from structured datasources. This is the initial release.

TMHarvest uses a rules files with embedded templates (written in XML) that defines from which data sources topic map constructs should be taken into account as well how new or existant topics should be associated.

This release supports topic map generation from databases, csv-files, xml-files and diverse metadata formats, including dublin core and id3... read more

Posted by Christoph Fröhlich 2003-11-14

TM4J 0.8.2 released

This is the latest stable release of TM4J. Primarily this release is a bug-fix release. A number of bugs in the tolog query processing were fixed. TM4J is a topic map engine implemented entirely in Java. Topic maps are a standard paradigm for the interchange of knowledge structures. This project aims to produce a complete suite of tools for creating, processing and publishing topic map information.... read more

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2003-03-24

TM4J 0.8.0 released

The next milestone of TM4J is now available as a stable release. TM4J 0.8.0 adds a new persistent storage model for relational databases. This storage model uses the Hibernate O-R mapping tool and supports a wide range of databases (see the Developer's Guide appendix on the Hibernate back-end for details about which databases are supported). This back-end has been tested against MySQL, Oracle9i and Oracle 8. If you find any problems with any other databases, please report them.... read more

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2003-01-15

TM4J 0.8.0 alpha 3 Released

This is hopefully the last development release of TM4J 0.8.0 prior to a stable 0.8.0 being released. This release adds source code examples to both the binary and the source distributions.

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2003-01-07

TM4J 0.8.0 Alpha 2 Released

This focus of this release is mainly in performance enhancements to the Hibernate back-end. The performance enhancements made focus on improving the rate at which objects are created (hence improving parsing times). The performance enhancements have lead to a slight change in the database mapping schema, which means that databases created with 0.8.0a1 will not be useable with this release.

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2002-12-28

TM4J 0.8.0 Alpha 1 Is Here!

New TM4J release just in time for Christmas. With lots of goodies for you to unwrap including persistence in relational databases via JDBC; a "virtual" topic map which lets you access multiple topic maps simultaneously as if they had been merged; and an overhauled object creation system which should be easier to use and require less lines of code than the old factory-based method.


Posted by Kal Ahmed 2002-12-20

TM4J 0.7.1 Released

TM4J 0.7.1 is a bug-fix release. There has also been a minor change to the TopicMapFactory interface which will affect code using the copy methods of that interface.

For more details, see the Change Log for the release.

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2002-10-23

TMNav 0.2.0 alpha 1 Released

TMNav is a new subproject of TM4J which aims to develop a toolkit for the creation of GUI tools for visualising and editing topic maps. TMNav consists of a set of reusable components and a framework within which developers can create new visualisations or port the existing visualisations to different editing environments.
TMNav also consists of a sample desktop application built using this toolkit.

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2002-10-21

TM4J 0.7.0 Released

Lots of new features over indexing system, vetoable change notifications, a query engine, bug fixes...what are you waiting for ? Download it from !

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2002-07-08

TM4J 0.7.0 beta 2 Released

This release is mainly a bugfix of 0.7.0 beta 1, but also includes a patch which enables the ID attribute values in an XTM file to be used as the TopicMapObject's ID property - unless that value is already in use by another object. This patch means that a single XTM file read in and written out with TM4J will retain the ID attribute values specified in the original file.

NOTE: From this release on, all development betas will be released in the package tm4j-development. This has the advantage that both the latest beta and the latest stable version can be accessed from the main summary page for the project.

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2002-05-28

TM4J 0.6.4 Released

This is a minor bug-fix release. A NullPointerException was being raised when Topic.setNames() was invoked with a null parameter. This now works as it should (removing all pre-existing names from the topic).

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2002-05-24

TM4J 0.6.0 Released

The TM4J Project team are proud to announce the release of TM4J 0.6.0. This release is a major update of the previous 0.5.0 release. A large number of interfaces have been revised and the approach to representing and manipulating resource addresses has been made more generic and flexible. For more information on what is new in this release, see

TM4J 0.6.0 can be downloaded from the project page on SourceForge:

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2002-02-10

0.6.0 Beta 1 Released

TM4J 0.6.0 now enters its beta release phase. We would ask anybody with any of the alpha releases to upgrade now. Please report any bugs via the bug tracking page.

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2002-02-02


TM4J 0.6.0a3 fixes a classic "missing the files" bug which dropped tm4j.jar and tm4ozone.jar from the binary distro...a bit of a shame really, given that thats the whole point of the binary distro.

Anyway, red faces all round and thanks to Tim Smith for reporting it without laughing too hard.

Oh, and TM4J 0.6.0a3 is now available from download from

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2002-01-16

TM4J 0.6.0 alpa 1 released

This release contains a number of major changes from TM4J 0.5.0. The most important of these are:
1) The removal of TMNav, the topic map navigator application, which will now be developed as a separate project
2) The renaming of the main package hierarchy from com.techquila to org.tm4j
3) Significant improvements to the handling of resource addresses
4) Changes to the TopicMapWalker interface to provide more information and more control when iterating over a topic map
5) Cleaner and more consistent interfaces for managing topic maps in a persistent store such as the Ozone back-end.
A listing of the major changes with more details can be found on the TM4J homepage at

Posted by Kal Ahmed 2002-01-11

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