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Kai Wolter
  • Kai Wolter

    Kai Wolter - 2003-01-24

    When I run ant with the target hibernate-initdb or hibernate.test, it creates all the tables in my db, described in build.properties. Nevertheless at first  I always get a "unknown system id" info message from the XMLHelper when parsing the mapping files. The same happens when I try to create a TopicMapProvider instance of the hibernate implementation ( using the binary version ). Secondly, in the latter case  I get the info message "hibernate.properties not found" , although I call the createTopicMapProvider method with the properties of the build.properties.
    Has anybody a solution?

    With kind regards,
       Kai Wolter

    • Kal Ahmed

      Kal Ahmed - 2003-01-24


      I think that the "unknown system id" message is being generated when the mapping files are read by the XML parser. You can check the mapping files in the source distribution, but they should all have an http:// url as the SYSTEM identifier in the DOCTYPE declaration (at the top of each file). It is possible that one of those files does not have a correct SYSTEM identifier...

      I guess that if the database tables are created correctly anyway then the system probably does not care that it cannot validate the XML mapping files against a DTD, but it would be nice to not have the message generated in the first place.

      The 'hibernate.properties not found' message is generated automatically as a warning, but the system will work correctly regardless of whether it finds a hibernate.properties file or not (as the configuration properties needed by the system are passed through from the properties passed to the TopicMapProviderFactory). I guess that this should be documented though.

      I am not at my development machine right now, but I will look into how these warnings might be best dealt with.




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