#112 Unused locators aren't removed

TM4J 0.9.6
Locators (2)
Andy Peel

I have a topic map for which I've changed the base
locator using:

org.tm4j.topicmap.TopicMap.setBaseLocator(Locator base)

However, this leaves a row in the locator table (I'm
using Hibernate) for the old locator.

Kal says that the problem is that locators can be used
in more than one context and there's no cleanup of
unused locators:

> the data model allows a locator to be referenced as
the value of an
> occurrence, as a subject indicator, a subject
address, a source locator
> or a topic map base locator and potentially there
could be other
> references to the same object.

In my case I'd be happy to remove the old base locator
as I know it's no longer used, although there's no API
method to do this.

Another possible solution might be to change the data
model so that locators aren't shared, though I don't
know what downside there might be to this.


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