#3 libtls1.50.sl release date?

Mike Hugo

Thanks for your latest work on tls.
It was great to adapt a program I have that moves xml
data around to ssh without having to do a major rewrite.

After a bit of frustration at trying to get the
callback to work with the official 1.41 dist and hpux I
grabed the latest top of tree files and had much more

It would have saved me a bunch of time if I had known
that this feature didn't work in early builds and that
it was fixed in the latest sources.

It also builds much more confidence to know that this
is an actively working project instead of one that
hasn't had a release for 2 years.

Therefore since it appears that the 5.0 release works
much beter than the 1.41 release it would be nice to
just be able to download it as official release--even
if it was just an alpha release.

Keep up the good work.

btw: the configure script wasn't able to find the gcc
compiler on my system at first until I helped it out
with the CC=gcc option. Not really a problem except
that it tried to use the SHLIB_CFLAG option -fPIC with
the cc compiler on hpux instead of the "+z" option.

Mike Hugo


  • Dan Razzell

    Dan Razzell - 2003-11-03
    • assigned_to: nobody --> razzell
    • status: open --> closed
  • Dan Razzell

    Dan Razzell - 2003-11-03

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for your interest and feedback.

    Your comments help us to gauge interest in generating a new
    release. I strongly agree that one is due. I'll forward
    your request to the project administrator.

    There were some cleanups planned about a year ago to bring
    TLS into full compliance with the Tcl Extension
    Architecture. That might fix the compiler detection problem
    you describe. However, I would not insist that TEA
    compliance is critical to generating a release.


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