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0.5.0 bugfix

0.5.0 release tarball was bug-filled. I uploaded correct package.

Posted by Marek Materzok 2003-03-01

Announcing version 0.5.0

Added bitpaths - connections with multiple bits. Fixed bug in connection editor. Switched to libcwd for debugging output. Created a Debian package for unstable distribution.

Posted by Marek Materzok 2003-02-01

Announcing version 0.4.0

After biiiiig delay, new version was released. I/O configuration was added. Check it out:)

Posted by Marek Materzok 2003-01-12

Announcing version 0.3.0

Configuring number of inputs and latency of gates now possible.

Posted by Marek Materzok 2002-11-30

Announcing version 0.2.0

In this version creating and deleting connections works, so program is now usable.

Posted by Marek Materzok 2002-11-17