#327 Let GetThemeColor() use screen-specific colorspace


In GetThemeColor() there is code to use the colorspace of the main display when creating a color from RGBA, however it is commented out in favor of one that uses a generic RGB colorspace. On a Macbook Pro the generic looks fine, but on a desktop with calibrated color monitors it results in significant distortion. Allocating for X name "blue" for example would produce something purplish. Switching to the code that uses main display cured this, and did not make things look any worse on the Macbook Pro. This patch makes the change, though as it says a further improvement should be made to detect which display the color is being requested for. I'm also a little fuzzy on how the system remaps colors when dragging a window onto another display (whether it results in a new request to GetThemeColor() or not).


  • Adrian Robert

    Adrian Robert - 2012-02-13
    • labels: --> 66. Aqua Window Operations
  • Kevin Walzer

    Kevin Walzer - 2012-02-22
    • status: open --> closed-accepted