#2402 xptheme appearance on Vista

Joe English

USCode reports on c.l.t:

I've been using Vista for a few months now and have noticed a few cosmetic differences. I have a Vista machine on my left and an XP machine on my right so it's easy to compare.

What I've noticed so far:

- Combobox: When the box is 'readonly' (not enterable, user must select from defined list) the box assumes a different shape and color/texture altogether.

- Indeterminate progress bar - the indeterminate indicator is wider and sort of fuzzed out on the ends.


  • Joe English

    Joe English - 2008-01-31
    • summary: xptheme apperance on Vista --> xptheme appearance on Vista
  • Joe English

    Joe English - 2008-01-31

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    More info from initial report:

    > - On Vista, Menu and listbox selection lines should be slightly
    > transparent light blue and with a slightly darker border line around it.
    > - Spinboxes buttons should be blue and highlight in blue when the mouse
    > hovers over them.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Hi Joe,
    Just curious as to the status of this, have you have a chance to look at it?
    Is there a theming bug or is this just how Ttk widgets appear on Vista and we're just going to have to accept the differences?
    Thanks Joe!

  • Pat Thoyts

    Pat Thoyts - 2008-04-20

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    I'm working on this.
    The initial stage was to get a new element engine into Tk and tile so that we can create additional Visual Styles elements from script. The Vista combobox for instance adds a combobox border around the entry element which is unavailable in XP.
    We should end up with an additional vista theme as a child of the xpnative with the necessary extra bits.

  • Pat Thoyts

    Pat Thoyts - 2008-04-20
    • assigned_to: jenglish --> patthoyts
  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Excellent, thanks Pat! So when a successor to Vista is released (sooner than later is what I've read so far) are we likely going to have similar issues, requiring another additional child theme as well?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Is this corrected in Tk 8.6?
    Thank you

  • Pat Thoyts

    Pat Thoyts - 2009-05-14

    The vista theme has been in 8.6 for a bit and I backported it into 8.5.8. This provides the vsapi element engine which lets us define any new layouts in script which sorts out most issues.
    However, the readonly combobox is still not right and the progress bar is not fuzzy. Also we have no support for the highlight animation that is used to slowly light up some active elements (like the window close button).

    This works on Windows 7 although I noticed the combobox and menubutton downarrows are a bit small.

  • Mark Garvey

    Mark Garvey - 2011-09-12

    Just like to add that it would be great to have this improved for the next ttk! If I was better at C, I'd even give it a crack!


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