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TkPoker 0.9g Released

Version 0.9g of TkPoker has been released.

This release includes numerous changes including an optional small card image, redesigned gameplay buttons, and esthetic changes.

As usual, there are bug fixes.

Download TkPoker today!

Posted by Paul Rotering 2001-10-28

TkPoker 0.9f Released

Version 0.9f of TkPoker has been released.

This release includes a new four color deck and the
ability to change fonts in all the display areas of the
client. A few bug fixes are also included.

Download it today!

Posted by Paul Rotering 2001-09-09

TkPoker 0.9e Released

Version 0.9e of TkPoker has been released.

This version features several minor bug fixes and some small improvements. The most important change is that you can now exit a channel (or exit TkPoker itself) and easily rejoin your game. All buttons are "active" at all times---using them in a context that makes no sense should either produce no response or an appropriate admonishment from the dealer.... read more

Posted by Paul Rotering 2001-08-02

TkPoker version 0.9.d.1 (bugfix) released

TkPoker is a cross-platform IRC poker client.

Version 0.9.d.1 is a bugfix release which addresses a problem with the init script under various versions of Windows. Any feedback (positive or negative) is appreciated.

Posted by Paul Rotering 2001-06-06

TkPoker Released

Enough people have asked about this to make it worth my time to make TkPoker public, so here it is. Please submit ideas for features and bug fixes. Thanks!

Posted by Paul Rotering 2001-06-05