Problem on merge with common ancestor

  • FredRey

    FredRey - 2007-11-28

    Hi all,

    I try to merge 2 versions of a source file (fileV1a and fileV1b), using tkdiff 4.1.3 on Solaris 8.
    The files are not managed by any source configuration management tool.
    I would like to have automatic merge of non conflicting evolutions, so I use the common ancestor file (fileV0) in my commande line :

    tkdiff fileV1a fileVb -a FileV0  -o fileV1

    Unfortunately, I don't see any effect of the "-a FileV0" argument. I get the same state if I don't use it.

    Can someone tell me what is the problem ?

    • Anton

      Anton - 2009-06-09

      I have the same exact problem.  There is no way to view the ancestor file!
      Please help!


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