how do I use tkdiff in Windows?

  • juepeter

    juepeter - 2006-03-14

    sorry, probably stupid question. But some years ago I used a version with a tkdiff.exe file.

    The info, that this new version is written in an interpreted language doesn't help me. When I open the file I get the usual windows message, to choose the program with which to open it.

    Looking in the file I suppose the interpreted language is tcl, but I don't know anything about tcl. What must I do to use this tkdiff-version with Windows?

    thanks for any helpful suggestions


    • brian

      brian - 2006-03-14

      Part of windows TK is a program nameed wish80, or some variant of the name "wish".  I bet you wish you could find it right.  Anyway, on win98 I use the following command :

      wish80 \bin\tkdiff.tcl

      on win2k I was able to associate wish80.exe with *.tcl, and so the following works:


      There is probably a way to make the association with win98 also, but i lost patience trying.

      I hope this helps


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