Which color tags are available?

  • Alexandre Bodi

    Alexandre Bodi - 2009-08-06

    I want to configure coloring preferences for my Tkdiff tool, but I'd like to get introduced to all available colors we can use. Does anyone know? Thanks!

  • Anonymous - 2012-04-18

    (Just search for tkdiff colors and this came up as a top result so I'm hoping this is helpful)

    My early experiments suggest it uses these:


  • Anonymous - 2012-04-18

    Here's my updated .tkdiffrc file, which in my humble opinion is much nicer on the eye:

    # This file was generated by TkDiff 4.1.4
    # Wed Apr 18 03:44:22 PM PDT 2012
    set prefsFileVersion {4.1.4}
    # Automatically center current diff region
    define autocenter {1}
    # Automatically select the nearest diff region while  scrolling
    define autoselect {0}
    # Tag options for characters in line view
    define bytetag {-underline 1 -foreground white -background black}
    # Tag options for changed diff region
    define chgtag {-background AntiqueWhite -foreground black}
    # Color change bars to match the diff map
    define colorcbs {0}
    # Tag options for the current diff region
    define currtag {-background PeachPuff  -foreground black}
    # Tag options for deleted diff region
    define deltag {-background White -foreground black}
    # diff command
    define diffcmd {diff}
    # Tag options for diff regions
    define difftag {-background AntiqueWhite -foreground black  -font 6x13}
    # Program for editing files
    define editor {}
    # Windows-style toolbar buttons
    define fancyButtons {1}
    # Text window size
    define geometry {180x130}
    # Ignore blanks when diffing
    define ignoreblanks {0}
    # Ignore blanks option
    define ignoreblanksopt {-b}
    # Tag options for diff region inline differences
    define inlinetag {-background LightBlue -foreground DarkOrchid -font {Courier -12 bold}}
    # Tag options for inserted diff region
    define instag {-background LightGreen -foreground DarkOrchid  -font {Courier -12 bold}}
    # Tag options for overlap diff region
    define overlaptag {-background BurlyWood -foreground black}
    # Show change bars
    define showcbs {1}
    # Show inline diffs (byte comparisons)
    define showinline1 {0}
    # Show inline diffs (recursive matching algorithm)
    define showinline2 {1}
    # Show current line comparison window
    define showlineview {1}
    # Show line numbers
    define showln {1}
    # Show graphical map of diffs
    define showmap {1}
    # Synchronize scrollbars
    define syncscroll {1}
    # Tab stops
    define tabstops {8}
    # Highlight change bars
    define tagcbs {0}
    # Highlight line numbers
    define tagln {0}
    # Highlight file contents
    define tagtext {1}
    # Text widget options
    define textopt {-background AntiqueWhite -foreground black  -font 6x13 }
    # Directory for scratch files
    define tmpdir {/tmp}
    # Use icons instead of labels in the toolbar
    define toolbarIcons {1}
    # custom code
    # put any custom code you want to be executed in the
    # following block. This code will be automatically executed
    # after the GUI has been set up but before the diff is 
    # performed. Use this code to customize the interface if
    # you so desire.
    # Even though you can't (as of version 3.09) edit this 
    # code via the preferences dialog, it will be automatically
    # saved and restored if you do a SAVE from that dialog.
    # Unless you really know what you are doing, it is probably
    # wise to leave this unmodified.
    define customCode {
  • DorothyR

    DorothyR - 2012-04-18

    The colors are from the X11/rgb.txt file on all *nix machines.  The "choosexcolor" Tk script downloadable from http://www.twobarleycorns.net/ demonstrates them in a "paint chips" kind of way.


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