John Matthews - 2008-04-22

Hi- this is partly a follow-up to the 'Entry Invalid' thread.

Basically the way I work is to do changes on a branch, only (branch) tagging the files I'm modifying. This is so that if other people change other files, I can use their changed files in my local area, which (AFAIK) I wouldn't be able to do if I just tagged all files in the repository with my working branch tag without merging out from trunk onto my branch.

So I do an update with options using the 'Update local files to be on tag/branch' option, with 'If file doesn't exist on this branch/tag:' set to 'Get head revision'. This does ensure that I get the files tagged with my branch, but all the others (from trunk) are marked with the aforementioned 'Entry Invalid'.

The only other way I can think of to get a mixture of trunk files and branch files without any 'Entry Invalid's is to 'Update local files to be on main trunk' and update all files on my branch one by one, which takes time and might require a previous step to get the list of files on my branch if there are lots of them.

Is what I'm trying to do sensible in (Tk)CVS world, and if so, is there a quick/easy way of doing it?