CVS Installation

  • ali

    ali - 2006-12-14

    Earlier i posted a message and i mentioned that I am a new user of Linux and CVS

    I have downloaded cvs-1.11.17-7.FC3.src.rpm from

    the rpm is with me and i wanted to install it with the command rpm -i cvs-1.11.17-7.FC3.src.rpm
    but i get this error..

    [root@localhost ~]# rpm -i cvs-1.11.17-4.src.rpm
    warning: cvs-1.11.17-4.src.rpm: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 4f2a6fd2

    Please tell me:
    - I am doing the right thing to install CVS on Fedore core 3
    - If this is right, then how can i install it..

    Please help

    Ali Hammad

    • DorothyR

      DorothyR - 2006-12-14


      Yes, you need to install CVS.  For help with installing RPMs, you might do better asking at the cvs site or a general Linux site. (I'm more of a gray-haired, old-school proprietary-unix person myself, not a Linux expert.)  That looks like only a warning though - are you sure the rpm didn't unpack?  That's a source rpm though - you'll still have to compile it.  There must be a pre-compiled rpm available.

      You will need tk8.4 installed also.  It may be on your Fedora system already or not.

      After cvs and tk are installed, you can cd into the tkcvs directory and type "./doinstall.tcl".  That will install tkcvs and tkdiff.  It will suggest /usr/local for a desination by default.  Thats a common place to put things that don't come in rpms.

      The debian folks maintain an rpm of tkcvs, in case you'd rather do it that way. 


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