Revision log from svn slow

  • James Stauffer

    James Stauffer - 2006-12-13

    tkcvs seems to take a long time to show the revision tree for Subversion.  I converted a cvs repository to Subversion and the revision tree comes up in 2 seconds from cvs but takes a few minutes from Subversion (with a "There are 399 tags.  It could take a long time to process them..." warning).  Even that warning takes a few minutes to come up.

    BTW, TortoiseSVN errors when I try to bring up the revision tree.

    • DorothyR

      DorothyR - 2006-12-13

      That's because SVN doesn't have symbolic tags.  Open up the trace window and take a look at what we have to do to build that diagram.  It will give you something to watch while it's chugging, at least. There are two (if I remember correctly) repository accesses per tag.  At first I despaired of being able to do it at all, but I eventually figured it was worth doing it even if it had to be done by brute force. If anyone can think of a gentler method, I'm all ears.  Unfortunately, the SVN developers are attached to their everything-is-a-copy philosophy, and, despite pleading, resist implementing symbolic tags.

      Does TortoiseSVN have a graphical revision tree?  I pushed a button when I was playing with it that said something like that, but it only produced a text-based list.  Then again I never did get SVN working very well on Windows.

      My recommendation would be, when converting from CVS, to discard non-branch tags.  If there are that many, most likely all but the most recent ones have value only as archaeological curiosities anyway.

      There's a cvscfg setting that determines how many tags are too many to process. I figured that would be different depending on how remote the repository is.  There's also an option on the branch browser not to process non-branch tags at all.  If you can't get rid of them, that's probably what you'll need to do.

    • James Stauffer

      James Stauffer - 2006-12-13

      Thanks for the explanation.  Is there any difference in speed based on different access protocols (i.e. http vs. svn)?

      Yes, TortoiseSVN does have a graphica tree.  See a screen shot at

      BTW, tkcvs is by far my favorite cvs tool and primarily because of the graphical revision tree.

    • James Stauffer

      James Stauffer - 2006-12-14

      Would the performance be improved if I deleted all of the old branches with "svn delete"?

      • DorothyR

        DorothyR - 2006-12-14

        Yes, if you remove all the old tags things will go a lot better.  It's never too late, as far as I know.

        I haven't investigated which protocol for accessing the repository is faster.  I'd be curious to know.  There's probably some information at, which I haven't been following lately.


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