tkcvs performance

  • Anders Gustavsson


    Two performance questions:

    I have tested the new TkCVS, version 7.2, and it seems a little slower
    than the earlier version of TkCVS, when having the editors column shown
    up in the GUI, but otherwise the performance seems equal. Is the "cvs
    editors" and "cvs status" commands not run in parallel anymore? Is it
    hard to fix so that TkCVS is as fast as before?

    Running TkCVS on RedHat 9 makes TkCVS very slow, updating a file view
    usually takes several seconds when command line "cvs status -l" only
    takes fractions of a second (and TkCVS installed on earlier RedHat
    versions works just fine). Removing the tcl/tk rpm's and compiling
    tcl/tk 8.4 does not help much either on RedHat 9. Does anyone have a
    clue what makes TkCVS so slow on RedHat 9?

    Best regards
    Anders Gustavsson

    • DorothyR

      DorothyR - 2004-02-19

      The status and editors commands don't background as well as they used to, because we're catching stderr instead of discarding it.  I haven't noticed any big performance degradation on SuSE, and in fact it's acting better for me with a Solaris/remote-repository setup I use at work.

      Is your machine memory-limited, or is the processor slow?  Someone noticed high CPU usage and submitted a patch for that, but that caused other problems so I removed it.  It's only commented out.  If you wish to experiment, you could un-comment lines 122 and 142 in exec.tcl.  That will mess up the error-catching a little, but it won't stop the program from working.

      If you try that and it helps, let me know.

    • Anders Gustavsson

      Thank you for the hint to uncomment line 122 and 142 in exec.tcl, it
      made the performance normal on RedHat 9. The PC was not limited in
      memory or CPU usage, but it did load the CPU to almost 100 % for some
      seconds when reloading a directory. With the two lines uncommented, it
      works in fractions of a second just like it use to.

      It does not affect that TkCVS is a littler bit slower when having the
      editors column show, I guess that is another problem just like you

      Best regards
      Anders Gustavsson


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