tkcvs and subversion with password

  • Svenn Are Bjerkem

    I installed tkcvs 8.1 on debian lenny and started it in a directory that is managed by subversion as the manual says tkcvs has svn support and I like tkcvs. The PATH, TAG and URL entry fields are correctly set and I get the usual $CVSROOT is not set warning on the command line. The GUI is working as far as selecting menus and buttons, but no files show up and the 'please wait' rotating mouse pointer is showing up in the file area. At first I thought that it takes some time to get data from subversion repository, but now I realize that something is not quite the way it should.

    When I use a tool like esvn, I have to provide a username and a password to get access to the repository. On daily basis using svn on the command line I don't need to do this. I tried to google for use of username and password when accessing subversion with tkcvs, but I was unsuccessful.

    Does anybody have a suggestion what I should do to get tkcvs talking to a password protected svn repository?

    Thanks, and kind regards,

    • DorothyR

      DorothyR - 2008-11-02

      Sorry, tkcvs can't respond to a login query from the server.  I'm not familiar with SVN login methods, so I'm afraid I can't help there.  With CVS, you either type "cvs login" from the command line before starting your tkcvs session, or if it's ssh, you use ssh agent.  But I don't know about subversion.



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