'Entry Invalid'

  • John Matthews

    John Matthews - 2007-12-19

    Hi- I have done an 'Update with options' / 'Update local files to be on tag/branch' with the 'Get head revision' option selected. The directory I'm looking at consists of files on trunk, apart from one on the branch I've specified in the 'Tag Name' box.

    However, apart from the file on the specified branch, all files show 'Entry Invalid' in the status column. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong to cause this, or how to fix it - please can someone enlighten me?


    • John Matthews

      John Matthews - 2007-12-20

      I've been told that it just shows that the file doesn't exist on the tag/branch. Is that all it is?

      (I've previously used ClearCase, where this scenario would be normal.)

      • DorothyR

        DorothyR - 2007-12-20

        Well, for you to have checked the file out in the first place it must have been there once.  But yes, this is a pretty common cause of inconvenience with CVS.  Just save a copy of the pesky file and then update it to be on HEAD.


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