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one-to-many merge arrows

  • John Matthews

    John Matthews - 2009-04-16


    I recently did some changes on a branch and merged them back to trunk using the tkcvs merge facility which (as I understand it) labels the source and destinations such that a merge arrow is show in the log diagram (neat!).

    Then I also merged from the branch to another branch. However this moved the destination label on trunk from the previous merge to the new merge destination on the branch - presumably because the destination label only depends on the merge source (and date), so it was attempting to re-apply the same label. Thus it appears you cannot have one-to-many merge arrows.

    Is this correct, and if so would it be possible to include some of the merge destination info in the destination label so that one-to-many merge arrows are supported? Or perhaps just include the full merge time, down to (say) minutes, making the destination labels unique?

    Apologies if this has been covered before or I'm missing something.


    • DorothyR

      DorothyR - 2009-04-17

      You're correct about what's happening.  To fix it, the tag has to be to be made unique.  It's not possible to apply the same tag to two different places.

      I haven't tried it, but I think perhaps you could put the time in the tag by changing cvscfg(mergefromformat) and cvscfg(mergetoformat) in your site_def file (the approved place to do such things.)  By default, they are "mergeto_BRANCH_%d%b%y"
      and "mergefrom_BRANCH_%d%b%y" so I think maybe just adding %H%M to the date format would do it.  That's an allowable user config and doesn't require a code change at all.



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