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Source control repository is now available for public view

Finally source control repository from private server was migrated under GitHub umbrella
Since the repository was planned for version 2.x, the version 1,x is stored in the corresponding directory.

Best wishes for new 2014 year!

Posted by Д Рогаткин 2013-12-30

Raspberry Pi and Java 8 with TJWS

Using TJWS on Raspberry Pi under Arch Linux and Java 8 EA guide is available
at http://tjws.sourceforge.net/arch-raspi-java8.html

Posted by Д Рогаткин 2013-02-17

Android launcher is available

Atjeews is a TJWS Android launcher available. It allows to deploy war packaged applications on Android devices as phones and tablets. Visit TJWS web site for more details and downloads.

Posted by Д Рогаткин 2011-06-29

J2EE .war deployment

A new module added to support J2EE web app deployment.

Posted by Д Рогаткин 2005-04-16