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0.4.4 Released

An update to Tivo2dvd has been released, featuring improved installation instructions, additional command line and configuration options, and a new Tivo show listing utility.

Posted by Dave Steele 2007-12-27

0.4.3 Released

This is a minor release. The -r "remember" option now works, and workaround instructions are included for the "Can't Parse XML" and "Can't Find Shows" bugs.

Posted by Dave Steele 2007-10-11

Tivo Software breaks Tivo2dvd - workaround

The Tivo software, as of version 9.1-01-2-140, pushed in October 2007, has
changed the reported MIME type of available Tivo2go shows. This causes the
Net::TiVo library to not see them, making it impossible to find a show

A workaround is as follows:

In the file Folder.pm (located at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Net/TiVo/Folder.pm on my computer)

Modify line 68 from
if ($show->{Links}->{Content}->{ContentType} eq
'video/x-tivo-mpeg') {... read more

Posted by Dave Steele 2007-10-07

0.4.2 Released

Version 0.4.2 of Tivo2DVD has been released. This version includes bug fixes for the show transfer step.

Posted by Dave Steele 2007-08-16

0.4.1 Released

This is a maintenance release. There is an incompatability issue between the tovid and ffmpeg packages which causes tivo2dvd to fail in the "makemenu" step. Until tovid is re-released, there are installation instructions which refer to a work-around.

-Add INSTALL notes on resolving issue between tovid and fmpeg
-Fix bug in '-r' DVD packing
-Fix for Ubuntu/tcsh

Posted by Dave Steele 2007-06-14

Problem with "makemenu"

With recent software installs, tivo2dvd can fail in the "makemenu" step. It is caused by a compatibility problem between the tovid and ffmpeg packages. There is a fix in to tovid, but it is not in the most recent release (0.30). The problem, and a work around, is described at http://tovid.wikia.com/wiki/Known_bugs#makemenu_fails

Posted by Dave Steele 2007-06-13

0.4.0 Released

Includes a number of bug fixes for the "Recombining" stage, and an enhancement to the configuration file.

Posted by Dave Steele 2007-04-10

0.3.0 released

There was a problem in the "recombing" step that has been fixed.

Posted by Dave Steele 2007-03-28

Initial version cleanup

Here's a quick cleanup to fix a path compatibility problem with Ubuntu.

Posted by Dave Steele 2007-03-17

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