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TiVo VLC Modules r42 release

Binaries and source are now available. This release fixes a bug in the ty demux module which caused the program to abort on some S2 streams. No changes to the vstream module, in fact it still sits at r37.

Source for the ty module is available in CVS and as a zip. The vstream source isn't quite as polished as I'd like it to be, so there's no "official" release. It is in CVS, however.

Posted by nsymms 2005-04-26

Tivo VLC modules first release

First public release. The TY demux module has been tested quite extensively and works on every Series 1 and Series 2 stream I have. This includes stand-alone and DirecTV Tivos. Also includes AC3 audio on DTivos.

Current source provided for the ty demux module. Source for the vstream module will be released soon; I'm still cleaning it up.

Please post a message in the forum if you have any problems.... read more

Posted by nsymms 2005-03-26