OrNot OrNot - 2009-03-13

Hi, There,
     I am using the TinyXpath in my project.

    Here is my xml file:

    <Image hanging="True" annotated="False">
        <Tag group="0x0028" element="0x0103" vr="US">0</Tag>
    <Tag group="0x0018" element="0x0010" vr="LO">NONE</Tag>

  After loading the xml , I run the code as bellow:

                XEp_main = XDp_doc -> RootElement ();
            TiXmlNode* image=XNp_xpath_node(XEp_main,"//Image");
        TiXmlNode* node=XNp_xpath_node(image,"//Tag[@group='0x0010'][@element='0x0010']");

I had thought I would get a null node . bu  the <Tag group="0x0018" element="0x0010" vr="LO">NONE</Tag>   is returned .  Is it as expected?

BTW:   the "/Image/Tag[@group='0x0010'][@element='0x0010']" will do well.

But in my understanding, in this example, there is no difference btw  the two expression.

what did I misunderstand?