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TinyXML / News: Recent posts

TinyXML 2.5.3

Bug fix release for TinyXML. TinyXml is a simple, small, minimal, C++ XML parser that can be easily integrating into other programs.

Posted by Lee Thomason 2007-05-06

TinyXml 2.4.0 Released

Features and extra polish added to this simple C++ XML parser. CDATA support has been added when text parsing, and Eller's popular tutorial is now part of the standard docs.

TinyXml 2.4 uses Tyge Lovset's more efficient string class (when STL is not being used), "unsafe" functions have been replaced in many modern compilers, and TinyXml will now perform correct EOL normalization.

There are some extra convenience methods as well. Text can be queried directly from an Element, and ValueStr() will avoid string casting in STL mode.... read more

Posted by Lee Thomason 2005-10-08

TinyXml Add-Ons

3rd party projects that add functionality to TinyXml!

The first, TinyBind is "add-on library for the cross-platform XML parser tinyxml that makes it easy to "bind" a C++ struct definition to an XML file format for easy serialize/deserialize. supports nested structs and STL containers."

The second, TinyXPath, "Small footprint C++ library to extract an XPath expression from an XML tree. Uses the TinyXML project to parse XML trees and store intermediate results. Runs on any platform. Optional use of STL. Overhead less than 100KB, including TinyXML."

Posted by Lee Thomason 2004-10-31

2.3.2 Released

TinyXml 2.3.2 is the first stable release of TinyXml with support for UTF-8 making the parser fully internationalized. The 2.3 series also addressed some long standing bugs and adds copy and assignment operators for Node classes.

Posted by Lee Thomason 2004-08-01

2.3.1 Beta Released

The 2.3 series has turned out to be a significant revision of TinyXml. 2.3.1 addresses API issues and bugs from 2.3.0, primarily improving UTF-8 and copy/assignment. Although some bug fixes were added too.

Copy / Assignment
- All the children of TiXmlNode (Document, Text, Unknown, Declaration, and Element) not fully support copy and assignment.

UTF-8 Support
- TinyXml will now try to detect the correct encoding: UTF-8 or legacy mode.
- The encoding can be forced to one mode or the other through the API or a header constant.
- Bugs in parsing have been fixed, especially in regards to incorrectly encoded source.... read more

Posted by Lee Thomason 2004-06-30