James M. Moe - 2012-11-22

tinyxml v2.6.2

An string being saved, after translatting to utf-8, to an XML document has an ASCII control character in it, the "heart" character 0x03. Tinyxml dutifully translates it to "". So far, so good.

When reading the document back in, tinyxml throws the error "Error reading end tag." Checking the doc with an online validator exposed the error:
Character reference "&#x03" is an invalid XML character.

I would have no trouble with the char entity that tinyxml creates if it did not croak when reading it back in. This is a defect. How do I report it? How can I correct it?

Here is the defective output:
<subject>Gregg, you&apos;ll &#x03; our cruise deals!</subject>