Float array converted to .. something ?

  • Francois

    Francois - 2009-04-16

    I'm reading an xml file that contains this kind of elements :

    <float_array id="myArray" count="3">-12.2 1.3 5.6</float_array>

    tinyXML reads the value fine and I get access to the correct "string"
    but then when I write the file to disk, I end up with something like :
    <float_array id="myArray" count="3">-12.4069&#x00;0&#x00;12.4069&#x00;-9.92549&#x00;0&#x00;12.4069&#x00;</float_array>

    I tried loading with different encodings but I always end up with this

    anyone can help ??
    Thanks !!

    • marc bletry

      marc bletry - 2009-06-24

      Could you show your code ? How do you create your file exactly ?


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