Don HO
  • Don HO

    Don HO - 2004-01-04

    Notepad++ is a free source editor with the syntax highlighting. It gives also the extra functionality
    to the general user : colourise the user defined words. You can print your source code in color
    (or whatever you want) if you have a color printer (WYSIWYG).Furthermore, Notepad++ have
    the multi-view feature, that allows user to edit the different document in the same time,
    and even to edit the same document synchronizely in 2 different views. Notepad++ support
    the fully drag and drop : not only you can drop the file from explorer to open it, but also you
    can drag and drop a document from a view to another. With all the functionalities,
    Notepad++ runs as fast as Notepad provided by MS Windows.
    Notepad++ uses TinyXml 2.2.1.


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