Riadh Elloumi - 2005-11-22


In Parrot (www.parrot.biz) we use TinyXML in our tracing and debugging module: Car Kit Control Module or CKCM. We develop and sell Bluetooth(R) handsfree car kits, and we use the CKCM on a PC to debug our Bluetooth embedded software called Blues.

When we compile Blues, we generate an XML list containing all the messages exchanged in the software and parse the list with TinyXML. This enables the CKCM to understand and display the debugging messages sent from Blues, and we can also send messages to Blues from the CKCM. This saves us from recompiling the CKCM each time we change the Blues header files.

TinyXML is well documented, easy to use and integrates easily in the Visual C++ CKCM projetc. Thank you for this beautiful library.

Riadh Elloumi
Software Architect