A. Botorabi - 2005-12-18

<a href='http://yag2002.sf.net/' target='_blank'>Virtual Reality Chat (VRC)</a> is an open source 3D chat application. It uses many open source libraries suchs as TinyXml, OpenScenegraph, Cal3D, SDL, and CEGUI. VRC supports the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol and in addition an own simple chat protocol. The OpenGL Shading Language is used to animate water and the vegetation such as trees and weeds. VRC can be used in 'Walk-Through' or networked mode. In Walk- Through mode, you can enjoy the virtual reality and chat with others using IRC protocol. For networked mode one connects to an existing VRC server and can use both, VRC specific and IRC chat protocol. In networked mode every client is represented by an avatar in the virtual reality. The entire setting is on a nice island.