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TinyTimeTracker translated into 16 languages!

Thanks to the generous efforts of many, Tiny Time Tracker, the unobtrusive personal time tracker, has been translated into the following languages.

* Chinese (Simplified) - by Tzou PhiLiP
* Chinese (Traditional) - by Tzou PhiLiP
* Croatian - by Milan Djordjevic
* Dutch - by Chris van den Kieboom
* English
* Finnish - by Teemu Mäki
* French - by Patrick Moraguez
* German - by Stefan Fuchs and Florentin Harbich
* Macedonian - by Milan Djordjevic
* Polish - by Kamil Kulczynski
* Portuguese - by Marco Alves
* Romanian - by Lucian Lupescu
* Russian - by Konstantin Savin
* Serbian - by Milan Djordjevic
* Spanish - by Ariset Llerena
* Swedish - by Teemu Mäki

Posted by Russell Black 2009-01-05

TinyTimeTracker 1.2 released

TinyTimeTracker, the small unobtrusive task tracker that sits in your task bar has become even better!

This release includes Russian localization (thanks Konstantin!), a new right-click option for viewing last week's time card and more robust support for opening time cards in Linux.

Posted by Russell Black 2008-12-03

TinyTimeTracker Mac Support!

Thanks to some help from Doug Carter, TinyTimeTracker now works on the Mac.

Posted by Russell Black 2008-08-30

New Feature - First Day of Week is now Configurable

Tiny Time Tracker now allows you to configure the first day of the week for your time cards. This feature is available from the right-click menu. Thanks to Andrew Fuqua for spearheading this feature.

Previously, time cards always used Sunday as the first day of the week.

Posted by Russell Black 2007-05-12

TinyTimeTracker 1.1 (stable) - Released

I finally got around to testing this on linux and have fixed a number of linux-related bugs. Enjoy!

Posted by Russell Black 2007-04-04

TinyTimeTracker 1.0 (stable) released

Tiny Time Tracker version 1.0 has been released. Tiny Time Tracker is an inobtrusive personal time tracker that fits nicely at the bottom of your screen.

Switching between tasks is made easy with auto-complete and a "task history" dropdown. Times are recorded in an Excel spread sheet.

Visit the project home page at http://tinytimetracker.sourceforge.net/

Posted by Russell Black 2006-05-21