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The simplest use of TinyReminder:

  1. Launch TinyReminder.exe or TinyReminder.jar (java -jar TinyReminder.jar).
  2. Accept default settings and push the button "Launch".
  3. Read every reminder and push the buton "OK" to close it.
  4. Finish reminding by right clicking the icon in the system tray and chosing "Exit".

Which reminder represents the icon in systray?

  • Hower on it with the mouse and read the tooltip

Will it remaind only once or repeatedly?

  • If the systray icon is green, only once. If it is magenta, repeatedly.

How to change settings of the reminder after launching it:

  1. Double-click on the icon of the system tray
  2. Change arbitrary parameter(s).
  3. Push the button "Continue".

How may I help?

  • Translate this Wiki page to your language, or
  • Add localization of TinyReminder for you language:
    1. Download some localization file from the folder Localizations (use the menu Files).
    2. Translate expressions of the right sides of the equal sign (=) into you language.
    3. Save the translated file with UTF-8 encoding.
    4. Send it me back to address m.denes@lycos.com.

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