Please help with tinyos view

  • jjperezs

    jjperezs - 2005-10-27

    I need help with the tinydt tinyos view.
    The tinyos view doesn't show the application tree,
    it only contains the project name.
    I have installed all the eclipse windows version
    plugins indicated at the
    Any suggestion?

    • artcomas

      artcomas - 2005-11-25

      I have similar problem. Project navigator loads TinyOS prject, I can compile applications, even configuration graphs work. But there are any records in TinyDT View window, just open TinyOS label.
      Maybe some additional packages from Eclipse are missing? I checked plug-in registry. All prerequisities are fullfilled.

      Need a help.

    • artcomas

      artcomas - 2005-11-28

      There were some problems with Blink project. Now I compiled Surge with required headers and it works fine. Just one notice. It is not possible to see all members of Configurations Graph (Draw2d model), some components are out of screen available to browse (no scroll).  <???>

    • oyenan

      oyenan - 2006-02-21

      I have the same problem. I've tried the Blink and Surge applications, but still cannot get the tinyos view to display anything. I have Eclipse 3.1 with tinyos 1.1.10. Any Suggestions???

    • David Henry

      David Henry - 2007-01-08

      Here's how I got TinyDT to work:
      1) make sure the PATH environment variable points to where cygwin1.dll sits.
      2) Set workspace directory to root of the disk where tinyOs sits, make the workspace name the SAME as that of tinyOS e.g. TinyOS sits in c:\tinyOS_m.n the workspace directory is C:\ and workspace name is tinyOS_m.n
      3) Open up the perspective and you'll see all of tinyOS's subdirectories.
      4) Right click on the root in the Navigation pane, select an application and set its properties.
      5) You should now see the application compile
      6) The TinyDT view pane should show the 2D view


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