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2.4 released

2.4 is major update from 2.3. Please view changelog.

Posted by Keisuke URAGO 2006-04-10

2.3 released

2.3 is major update from 2.2. Please view changelog.

Posted by Keisuke URAGO 2003-04-02

2.2 released

tinpy 2.2 has compile() function.

synopsis: compile(template)

compile function is compile to template object. Which is use with build() function first argument.

Posted by Keisuke URAGO 2003-03-07

2.1 released

Minor update from 2.0. tinpy2.1 has function of dictionary reference in for-block. and some minor bug fixed. Python2.3 package (python2.3-tinpy) is experimental release.

Posted by Keisuke URAGO 2003-03-04

2.0 released

Change template syntax.

Old syntax was <?tinpy ...?>.
New syntax is [% ... %]

Posted by Keisuke URAGO 2003-02-21

1.1 released

Update tinpy.py.

Reference dictionary mapping function added.

Download page is http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=69772&release_id=129992

Posted by Keisuke URAGO 2003-02-06

1.0 released

Initial release. it provides extract variable and sequence loop function. have a fun.

Posted by Keisuke URAGO 2002-12-26